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Garden Design and Construction   Garden Design and Construction   Garden Design and Construction  

Garden Design & Construction

Using only the finest materials, we can design and construct outdoor spaces that will be tailored to all your needs, whether it be landscaping a new driveway, a new patio or a complete transformation of your garden. Whether you desire a practical outdoor space for work or play, or a comfortable outdoor "living room" we can design and construct the whole project.

For this project: The rear access to the property was by a set of unleveled steps. The owners had built a second rear access to the kitchen by means of french windows - our task was to provide a solution to give easy access to both entrances and to also provide an extension to the living spaces and bring them together.

We decided to construct a large raised decking area.

The decking gives access to both entrances and also acts as a large living space which can be utilised from both of the indoor areas too.

Steps were constructed at the side of the decking to give access to the driveway, a second set of steps to the rear of the decking allows easy entry into the garden.

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